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Have you ever said to yourself “Why didn’t I think of this before?” or “What took me so long to learn/realize this?” I sure have. It took me a long time to appreciate and learn the luxury of simplicity. My perfectionist personality caused me to waste time, money, and energy on things that really didn't matter or weren’t necessary. I would stress myself out trying to get things “just right” or by “sticking to the plan”, or even worse - second guessing myself and trying to do it all.  This went on for years…..


Fast forward to my mid-thirties when my boss at the time advised me to “keep it simple”  as she observed me trying to do the most on a project when I needed to just get it done and move on.

Now truthly I’ve heard variations of this mantra over the years in the form of “stop procrastinating”, “it doesn't have to be perfect” and “stop overthinking it”. But it was something about those three simple words that gave me the biggest aha moment and changed how I lived  my life.


Now “keep it simple” is more than a mantra, it is part of my lifestyle. It’s ingrained in my behavior, thinking and decision making which ultimately brings me more happiness and satisfaction. Don’t we all want and need more of that?


Here are the (7) ways I learned to keep it simple:


  1. Make a decision and move on - overthinking and overdoing is the devil

  2. Set clear objectives and desired results - we often do more than we need to because we lose focus or fail to identify the reason and required results of what we are doing

  3. Clearly communicate wants and needs - assumptions and miscommunication are the devil

  4. Be authentic - be unapologetically you

  5. Be honest with yourself (and others) - self awareness is priceless

  6. Be flexible /have options - don’t hold on to how you think things should be

  7. Don't sweat the small stuff  - focus on what matters and let everything else fall by the waist side


It’s just that simple.


With luxe,


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On this Mother’s Day I wanted to write a special letter for many reasons. For one, this is my first official Mother’s Day. I am a new mom to a nine month old baby boy named Liam. And with this new experience and perspective of mine, I owe Mother’s a public apology in addition to expressing my gratitude for them. I’m apologizing for simply not getting it. I know it may have been impossible to understand the complexities of being a mother plus everything else if I didn’t have kids of my own yet, but I still feel the need to apologize for the blissful ignorance I previously possessed.  Mother’s, you are magical!


I also want to thank you for embracing me with welcoming arms when I joined your special club despite my previous ignorance. From the moment you noticed my bump you took me in and mentored me on motherhood. You calmed my fears, wiped my tears, and promised me that it was all worth it. Some of you were strangers while some of you were already part of my sisterhood, yet there was no limit on your outpouring of love, advice, and support – and for that I THANK YOU.  

Happy Mother’s Day.


With Luxe,

Rashana A. Hooks 






To Whom It May Concern:

Being that this is my leading letter from Signed With Luxe, I figured it was the most opportune time to explain what luxe has to do with all of it.  You see many people presume luxury is limited to extravagant experiences and material things; while the true meaning of luxury is so much more than that. Luxury is a discipline, a lifestyle.  It’s a way of thinking, behaving, and living. It’s about wanting the best, choosing the best, expecting the best, and doing what’s best for you at all times.  SWL signifies and embodies just that.   


In these letters, I share with you my posh pursuit to living my best luxe life. Through SWL I will express my thoughts, lessons, and experiences in life and love; as well as my delight for luxurious people, places and things. It is my hope that my honest and often humorous self-discoveries coupled with my preference for posh living, will not only help you along your own life journey, but also inspire you to live your most luxurious life. Because after all, what’s life without a little bit of luxury…. 

With Luxe,

Rashana A. Hooks


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Letter from the Editor

Since I can remember, I’ve kept every handwritten note that someone has sent my way. From birthday wishes to thank you cards, I’ve cherished the thoughtfulness of someone taking the time to think of me longer than it takes to send a quick email or text. I even find myself going back and rereading those keepsakes from time-to-time to relive the feeling of appreciation and gratitude on the days it doesn’t come naturally. I especially love the ones on fancy stationery that resemble fine art.

Signed With Luxe is my nostalgic nod to the personal touch of handwritten notes. This letter style blog is my cyber-chic way of conveying my thoughts on life, love and luxury. Inspired by the lost art and elegance of writing a letter, mixed with my love and admiration for Diana Vreeland, SWL letters are always from the heart, honest and often humorous.

So here’s to appreciating life, love, luxury and oh I can’t forget – letters!


With Luxe,

Rashana A. Hooks


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